I’ve been hesitant to write anything on Spring for a while now (two thirds of the season) because, unfortunately, here in Adelaide, it  has not been Spring. The long, tiresome, cold, gloomy winter has drudged on in and overstayed its welcome. However!!! With the arrival of November has come some beautiful weather, and so my thought today was: what better to supplement this beautiful weather than beautiful skin?!

I’ve compiled my favourite products for a glowing, smooth and all-round gorgeous complexion, that’ll leave you looking as dewy as your back lawn on a Sunday morning.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is a holy grail product and a must-have for every girl/woman/man/extra-terrestrial/life form with skin. I can’t live without it. I’m ordering a new bottle as I type this.

I know the usual product to sit under a full face is typically moisturiser, but there are a few reasons I’ve been skipping this step lately. I’ll list them:

1.       This face oil is so nourishing and hydrating, you kind of don’t need a moisturiser,

2.       I’ll get to number 2 in a second.

Face hero also gives the skin a nice warm glow, which means if you’re having a particularly good skin week, or are blessed enough to have clear skin for the majority of the time, you could forgo the whole makeup part and step out in a bare face (something I’ve only been brave enough to do about a handful of times this year).

FACE BASE/HYDRATION STATION: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel

You know when I said I’d come back to moisturiser? This is where I come back to it. Complexion Rescue is the perfect everyday foundation because (SPOILER ALERT) it’s actually a tinted moisturiser!!!!! :O what shock!!!!!!!

The pigmentation in this product is great because it means it still gives a good enough amount of coverage that you feel confident you look more alive in the morning, whilst (like Stupid, Sexy Flanders) feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. The product is also buildable, to create a fuller coverage if need be. Although bareMinerals suggest fingers are the best tools for application, I like to use a Real Techniques expert face brush, just because the product is so hydrating I find my fingertips absorb it, leaving me with less product for my face. Another great thing about Complexion Rescue is that it almost melts into the face oil, creating a gorgeous glow.

PIGMENT ONE: The NARS Multiple in Orgasm

You could really use any liquid blush for this step but I’ve been using the Nars multiple recently so I’ll write about what I know. This is a creamy, richly pigmented stick, which you can use on your cheeks, lips or eyes (hence the name ‘Multiple’), however, I opt away from having it anywhere other than the cheeks simply because Orgasm is such an iconic blush shade. The reason I love this is because there’s so little effort involved in its application. Simply tap your finger on the stick a few times, then tap the product onto your cheekbones and yer done. A nice, subtle wash of peachy pink with gold highlight is the perfect shade for spring/all year in my opinion so tap away my friends!

(OPTIONAL) PIGMENT TWO: NARS Liquid Laguna Bronzer

If you feel the need to warm up your face and/or accentuate your cheekbones, I’d suggest stick with the liquids and avoid a cream or powder bronzer just because everything I’ve written about so far has been so light and you don’t want to go messing with that.

FINAL STEP: Mecca Cosmetica Enlightened Illuminating Balm

Dab this on the high points of your face (cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone, bridge of nose, optional tear duct) for a final touch of glowy goodness. I don’t really think I need to explain why highlighter is the best, it just is. What I can say about this highlighter in particular is that, like the NARS Multiple, its texture is light and creamy, with ultra-fine glitter particles that will make you literally sparkle (in the best way). It’s got the perfect blend in terms of colour – not overly white, pink or gold – so is suitable for when you’re going au naturale, or even on your first day post-Bondi Sands. Plus it smells great.

OKAY. That’s done. This is my daily face routine. Obviously you’ll do your lashes and brows (I love this for mascara and this for brow gel) but I’ve left that off ‘cause there isn’t really any market for dewy lashes and brows.

I’ve been wearing this for a few months now and have found the following:

1.       My skin has cleared up dramatically because I haven’t been overloading it with heavy primers, foundations and powders on the daily.

2.       It’s actually longwearing! Besides the midday oil slick on the nose, your face will last you well into the night, which is a 100-emoji level win.

3.       If you do happen to be going out at night and want to amp up the coverage, you don’t even need to take off your day’s face, you can just go over it with more CR or layer a medium coverage foundation over the top, your day’s face will work as a primer for your evening’s.

4.       My self-confidence has skyrocketed!!! Because I’ve been keeping it light and my skin has reacted really well, I’ve felt way more comfortable and confident wearing less and less makeup every day and just embracing my skin.