Welcome to my blog! I suppose to get started I should write a little but about myself.

My name is Bridget. I’m 19 and I’m currently in my second year of a Law/Arts Degree at the University of Adelaide. I hate that that is my opening line, though. My university studies should not define who I am. At the moment, I feel like a square peg in a round hole. I fell into Law after finishing high school because I got the grades and I wasn’t driven or focused enough to pursue my lifelong dreams of performing in musical theatre, or moving away from home to study in Melbourne. I convinced myself that I would get through the five years of undergrad and after, if I still had that dream nagging me in the back of my mind, I would go for it. I got through first year with hopes of high distinctions, however distractions like my retail job, friends, boys and a lack of passion got in the way, and I was a credit student at best. With no other idea in the world of what I wanted to do, I continued on in second year. The first semester I told myself I would do everything possible to get the grades up and heighten my chances of employment at the end of the line. However a second retail job, an impending trip overseas, and the same dramas I faced in first year coupled with a few more clouded my mind, and looking at my grades at the end of the semester, I decided it was time something changed.

A recent trip to New York is what really got me over the line. I went with hopes of rediscovering my love for performing. I sang for some Broadway producers, and, while the adrenaline rush that hit me as I stood in front of them in a studio on 8th Avenue felt familiar, comfortable and exciting, not once did I think – as my seventeen-year-old self had thought thousands of times – that this was what I wanted to do with my life. Instead, I fell in love with the architecture of the city, the effortless way its citizens took to the streets, the fact that one could be the most important person in the world, yet nobody would look twice, all too caught up in themselves. New York was the most narcissistic city in the world, and I was in love. Yet, like with performing, I felt no urge to become swept up in the city and drop everything to move there. Instead, I decided to photograph everything that caught my eye. Street art, street style, the food I was eating, the city skyline, the police controlling the traffic in the Meatpacking district. It became glaringly obvious at that point that I needed somewhere to share all of this. I needed to exhibit my love for the colourful, the exciting, the things that I love.

So, upon my return home to Australia, I decided to make some changes, and enter: ten/two. After going through a litany of existential crises (three to four per week), deciding and re-deciding what direction I wanted my life to take, I happened upon the idea of not choosing a career for myself, but choosing the person I want to be. My main inspiration in life, I realised, were women like Zöe Foster-Blake, Bec Judd, Leandra Medine, Jo Horgan, all self-made women with empires to show for themselves. They all have one thing in common: they’re doing what they love, and that is not confined to doing only one thing.

I quickly came to the conclusion that writing is my strongest skill. I struggle to stay within word limits. One of the main reasons for my lacklustre results in Law School is my refusal to stay concise. I like the idea of dancing around the point, embellishing what it is I’m saying. Heck, I’m doing it right now! With this in mind, along with the nagging voice in my head reminding me of my ambition to move away from home, and start something new, I began to research university courses in Melbourne, where I had planned on studying since the tender age of fourteen, but, as with many other things, had talked myself out of because it was ‘too hard’. I came across a course that seemed perfect for me: Professional Communication at RMIT Univeristy. What drew me to it was the fact that there is no single discipline taught. Every graduate leaves armed with a bevy of skills, ready to work in the Media Industry, within Marketing and PR firms, or in journalism. It didn’t take me long to decide this is what I want to do with my life.

So, when evaluating what was and wasn’t worth pursuing, two things became glaringly obvious: I love exhibiting my style, whether that be my fashion sense, my beauty habits or my lifestyle choices, and I want to make a big change in my life; become self-sufficient, and work at creating and eventually living my dream life.

Enter: ten/two. This is my space to share with my followers my favourite places, people, and things. It also acts as an escape for me, something I can work on when I want to avoid doing other things (namely – uni work). Someplace I can hone my writing skills, develop myself as a brand and market both myself and the things I love. I’m also using this blog as a work to supplement my university application. However, that’s only for the time being.

So, what began as ‘a few words about myself’ is now essentially a personal essay. I’m not necessarily upset about that. I love writing, and I love sharing stories, and I can’t wait to continue sharing my life, my loves and my style with you.